Appointments and Pricing

You do not need a referral from a GP to see an Osteopath. The majority of Osteopaths work in private practice so you may choose to approach a practitioner directly and pay for treatment. Typically three or four treatment sessions are needed, though this will vary according to the severity of the problem.

At this clinic the current Osteopathy charges are:

Type of appointment Time Price
First Consultation
(History, Exam, Diagnosis and & Treatment)
1 hour £50.00
Subsequent Treatments 30 minutes £42.00
Other Therapies Please contact us for pricing

To book, call 07939 129626

Or email

It may be possible to claim for a course of Osteopathic treatment if you have private health insurance policy. You need to check with your insurance provider to confirm the available level of cover and to find out whether you require a referral from a GP or specialist prior to your first visit here. All insurance companies have help lines to explain your benefits and methods of claiming. I strongly advise you to seek advice from your insurance company prior to committing to a course of treatment.

Health Insurance Payment Terms

Like most Osteopaths I do not operate ‘direct settlement procedures’ with most insurance companies. This means I am not privy to your particular policy and they do not guarantee to pay me for the treatment provided. Because of this, it is the clinic policy that all accounts are settled directly by you after each consultation. I will provide you with a comprehensive written receipt which you can then use to claim back the cost (or part of the cost) of the treatment from your insurer, subject to your individual policies terms, conditions and excesses.

For AXA PPP Osteopathy patients seen, I can directly bill them on your behalf. However, you need you to give me your membership number and pre-authorisation number at the initial visit.

I am a registered as a recognised as a Osteopathic healthcare provider by most private health insurance providers, including all of the following:

AXA PPP Healthcare
Legal and General
Standard Life