Choosing an Osteopath

Osteopaths are trained to recognise and treat many causes of pain. Osteopathy is an established system of diagnosis and manual treatment which is recognised by the British Medical Association as a discrete clinical discipline. In 1993, Osteopathy became the first major complementary health care profession to be accorded statutory recognition under the Osteopaths Act. Only practitioners meeting the highest standards of safety and competency are eligible for registration. Proof of good health, good character, a commitment to continued professional development and professional indemnity insurance cover are requirements for annual registration.

Prospective patients can be confident that when they visit a registered Osteopath, they will experience safe and competent treatment from a professional practitioner who adheres to a strict Code of Conduct, giving them the same safeguards as when they visit a doctor or dentist.

Why choose 'The Joint and Back Clinic' for your Healthcare?

The emphasis at my clinics is on providing you with quality care. I pride myself on giving all my patients the time to get a thorough understanding of their individual case and a quality treatment every visit.

Here are the top 10 reasons people choose to be treated at this practice

  1. Excellent reputation

    We have an excellent reputation built on great results

  2. Personally recommended

    Most of my work comes through personal recommendation by satisfied clients referring their friends, neighbours, family members, work colleagues, but also from local GPs, consultants and allied professions

  3. Successful outcomes

    My patients report success with resolving their aches and pains and working towards better health quickly and painlessly

  4. First-choice solution

    I offer a first choice solution for prospective patients and a trusted port of call for previous patients who may have developed a new problem

  5. Thoughtful and holistic approach

    With an approach that considers lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing as vital factors for your progress, I take a holistic view when tailoring your treatment plan, ensuring you fully understand what has happened and how the problem can be resolved

  6. Convenient location

    The clinic is conveniently located just outside the centre of Mayfield Village with off road parking, ground floor access and a professional well equipped clinic

  7. Friendly and welcoming

    Friendly, welcoming, well trained and here to assist whenever you visit or call

  8. Highly experienced clinician

    With many years of clinical experience, continued professional development and a passion for delivering the most up to date and evidence-based healthcare options I offer you skill and experience

  9. Effective, gentle treatment

    The treatment is tailored to each individual, highly skilled techniques are used that are safe, gentle and highly effective

  10. Effective pain relief

    The treatments used are often able to provide fast and effective pain relief and provide solutions for long term relief and better health